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Being up to date on the Welsh and English curriculum is highly important to us. We do this by keeping informed on the standards and requirements set out by Estyn and Ofsted's framework.

Curriculum in Wales, UK

Estyn Framework:

We aim to focus on three of the five Inspection Areas (IAs) of Estyn's framework.


  • IA 1: Standards

  • IA 2: Wellbeing and attitudes to learning

  • IA 3: Teaching and learning experiences

  • IA 4: Care, support and guidance

  • IA 5: Leadership and management

Professor Graham Donaldson’s vision:

We aim to support Donaldson’s four main purposes for the curriculum. To have all children and young people be:


1. Ethical informed citizens

2. Ambitious capable learners

3. Enterprising, creative contributors

4. Healthy, confident individuals

Curriculum in England, UK

Ofsted’s framework:


We aim to support Ofsted's framework.

“Good mental health is the foundation to young people achieving their aspirations. There have been changes to the Ofsted common inspection framework, and these are centered on emotional wellbeing. The new Ofsted framework recognises that it is important to continue to support individual students with specific behavioural and mental health needs but there is also a need to create a culture that fosters emotional wellbeing and resilience within the school.'' - Innovating Minds

Ofsted Guidelines include:


We aim to support Ofsted's guidelines.

  • In order for schools to gain good status pupils must ‘enjoy learning about how to stay healthy and about emotional and mental health, safe and positive relationships’.

  • To be outstanding schools must enable students to be able to ‘make informed choices about healthy eating, fitness and their emotional and mental wellbeing’.